psyko_daizie's Journal

9 October 1987
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My name is Kazz and i enjoy wittering endlessly. I'm an art student and ergo draw lots. I also like to make silly toys and beaded jewellery. I usually talk rubbish, if youre a fan of rubbish feel free to read my journals. I'm a huge fan of music and play the guitar when ive got the enthusiasm to do so. Most of my time is spent in my room drinking cup after cup after cup of tea, rambling on msn, or i might be out seeing a gig.

I like travelling around, especially on the train and i like long car journeys. Jimmy Page is God. Rainbows are ace and thunder storms remind me that its good to be alive.

Music I adore:
♥ Led Zeppelin
♥ Pink Floyd
♥ Queen
♥ The Who
♥ The Doors
♥ T-Rex
♥ Black Sabbath
♥ Ozzy Osbourne
♥ Alice Cooper
♥ Deep Purple
♥ Jimi Hendirx
♥ Nine Inch Nails

My favourite people in the wolrdest:
♥ t3h Stuzer
♥ Angemala
♥ Kiedis
♥ Kaden
♥ Ethan
♥ Moogle
♥ t3h Nicholi
♥ Sexy Bexy
♥ Sir Steven
♥ Little Matty
♥ Jimmy Page
♥ Syd Barrett
♥ Trent Reznor